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Property owners in Georgia have a responsibility to keep lawful visitors and occupants on their property reasonably safe from harm. In many situations, that duty includes ensuring that they take appropriate security measures to protect visitors from criminal activity. If you were injured due to a violent crime, committed by a stranger and on another person’s property, you may have grounds for a civil suit.

Working with an Atlanta negligent security lawyer is vital to achieving a positive outcome in your claim. A knowledgeable premises liability attorney can collect evidence, establish foreseeability due to prior crimes on the property, retain necessary experts, and demand fair restitution for all your losses.

Elements of a Negligent Security Claim in Atlanta

Negligent security lawsuits follow the same procedures as most personal injury cases. In order to succeed in a claim, the injured party must show that the property owner in question had an implicit legal obligation—or “duty of care”—to protect them from harm.

Injured parties must also demonstrate that the property owner failed to implement adequate security measures, allowing for criminal activity. Additionally, they must show the losses they suffered as a result of a “foreseeable”  criminal act.

“Foreseeable” Criminal Acts

Unlike other personal injury cases, plaintiffs in negligent security claims must prove that the criminal act was “foreseeable.” This means that recent events or circumstances must have made it reasonable to assume there was a risk of particular crimes occurring in the area. Injured parties must also prove that a reasonable property owner could have taken steps to prevent those crimes from occurring.

For example, if multiple robberies have occurred in a particular area recently, a property owner may have an obligation to enact security measures that would reduce the risk of further robberies impacting lawful visitors or occupants on their property. These security measures may include additional fencing, lighting, gates, security cameras, or even security guards.

A skilled Atlanta attorney familiar with negligent security claims could provide more information about property owners’ responsibilities.

Recoverable Damages Through Successful Litigation

Injured parties who are able to establish liability can recover compensation for both economic and non-economic losses resulting from the criminal act. A negligent security attorney in Atlanta could help injured parties seek restitution for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional and psychological trauma

As with all personal injury cases, there is a filing deadline for negligent security claims. As per the Official Code of Georgia §9-3-33, most prospective plaintiffs must file suit within two years of the accident. Missing the deadline may result in losing the opportunity to claim compensation.

Talk to an Atlanta Negligent Security Attorney Today

Falling victim to a criminal act can be a traumatizing experience. You may find yourself dealing with severe physical injuries, financial losses, and emotional distress. If you believe inadequate security measures played a role in a crime committed against you or a loved one, you should reach out to our firm today. Schedule a consultation with an Atlanta negligent security lawyer to discuss your case.

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