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Medications manufactured by pharmaceutical companies, prescribed by a doctor, and filled by a pharmacy are intended to treat patients, not harm them. In too many cases, unsafe medications cause serious injuries or even death. These unfortunate situations can put a significant strain on you and your family.

If you suffered adverse side effects from a defective medication or a medication prescribed at an inappropriate dose, you should speak with an Atlanta dangerous drugs lawyer right away. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and demand compensation from the pharmaceutical company and potentially others.

Common Side Effects of Dangerous Drugs

Many prescription and over-the-counter drugs placed into the market come with warnings about their potential side effects. These types of warnings protect consumers from unnecessary harm. When a company designs an inherently unsafe drug or manufactures a particular batch of the medication incorrectly, the product can become dangerous to the patient. Often times, the doctor has no knowledge of the drug’s dangerous propensity, but sometimes they do.

Potential side effects of an unsafe drug might include, but are not limited to:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea and vomiting
  • High levels of weight gain or loss
  • Extreme bleeding and lack of clotting
  • Damage to vital organs
  • Depression and suicidal thoughts
  • Rash, blistering, burning, and other severe skin conditions
  • Cancer
  • Death

These harmful effects can negatively impact many aspects of an individual’s life. It is crucial that plaintiffs work with an experienced lawyer to seek full compensation in a dangerous drug case.

Types of Drug Defects That May Warrant a Lawsuit

Pharmaceutical companies have an obligation to ensure that their products are reasonably safe. These drugs should generally work as intended and with the degree of efficacy that the data supported after testing. If there are any known side effects, the company must list them in the warnings to health care providers and potential consumers.

Unfortunately, a strong desire to make a profit often drives the decision more than patient safety. Many patients are injured by drugs that are made dangerous due to:

  • Unsafe medication design
  • Falsifying research and clinical data
  • Defective manufacturing processes
  • Failure to warn of known side effects
  • Misrepresentations about medication efficacy or safety

These types of defects may cause numerous consumers to suffer injuries. A dedicated Atlanta attorney can help injured parties prove the medication they took was unsafe.

Time Limit for Filing a Claim in Atlanta

The Official Code of Georgia § 9-3-33 sets a two-year statute of limitations on defective drug claims that cause personal injury. This means that a plaintiff must generally file within two years of the date they consumed the medication and sustained a resulting injury.

While this limitations period applies to most cases, it may change depending on unique factors that affect a person’s claim. Injured parties should consult with a knowledgeable attorney quickly after discovering the injury to avoid missing the filing deadline in their dangerous drugs case.

Retain an Atlanta Dangerous Drug Attorney Today

The effects of taking a dangerous drug can be catastrophic. The medication may fail to address your current medical condition or make your illness worse. This can result in high medical bills or missed work hours. These damages may be compensable through a personal injury lawsuit with the help of experienced legal counsel. To get started on your claim, contact an Atlanta dangerous drugs lawyer today.

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