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Boating incidents carry a high risk of drowning, while even injuries that you survive can be devastating. When another boater’s negligence is the reason you suffered injury, a personal injury attorney from Childers, Schlueter & Smith may be able to assist you. Work with an experienced Atlanta boat accident lawyer. Our team has the necessary knowledge and experience to vigorously pursue a potential case on your behalf.

What is a “Boating” Incident?

A boating incident can occur with nearly any kind of watercraft, including boats, jet skis, yachts, boogie boards, kayaks, canoes, and much more. When the event occurs on the water, it will likely fall within the definition of a boating accident.

A person who navigates a boat is obligated to do so with reasonable care. They should follow all laws, rules, and regulations related to boating, and should be aware of their surroundings to make appropriate decisions on how to operate their watercraft.

When a person acts carelessly or violates safety laws, they can put others in harm’s way. These failures are often referred to as negligence. Proving negligence in a boating collision case is important to establishing the responsible party’s liability, which an Atlanta boat accident attorney can help with.

Individuals and Businesses in Boating Accident Lawsuits

Depending on who caused the injuries, individuals or businesses may be liable for the injured person’s losses.

Claims Against Individuals

Many boating events are caused by individually owned boats, which are often recreational vehicles operated by their owners. When they are negligent, a lawsuit can be filed directly against them and possibly their insurance company. Multiple individuals may be responsible for a crash, depending on the facts of the case.

Claims Against Businesses

A boat may be owned by a business instead of an individual person. In such a case, the business itself may be named in addition the employee operating the boat. The negligent acts of an employee are typically imputed to the company. This permits the injured person to file against the company as well, opening up a larger pool of assets from which to collect.

Defective Boats or Parts

Some boating accidents may occur if the boat sinks, a motor catches fire, or some other situation occurs because the product is defective. Boat manufacturers could be responsible for:

  • A dangerous design for the boat or product
  • Negligent manufacturing of a boat or part
  • The product failed to meet the requirements of an express warranty
  • The manufacturer failed to warn the consumer of some known danger

A boat injury lawyer in Atlanta can identify who should be the subject of a lawsuit.

See an Atlanta Boat Accident Attorney for Assistance

Boating incidents may result in dangerous injuries that can have a long-term effect on your health and finances. You deserve compensation for your injuries when they are caused by someone else’s mistakes. Contact our dedicated Atlanta boat accident lawyers for a free consultation.

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