Liable Parties in a Tepezza Lawsuit

Tepezza was once hailed as a revolutionary drug that could treat thyroid eye disease. Prior to this drug, there was no treatment for this rare condition. The celebration of Tepezza was short-lived, however, due to reports of hearing loss after taking the drug. Some patients developed tinnitus, while others lost their ability to hear altogether.

The manufacturer of Tepezza is now the target of multiple lawsuits which allege that they failed to warn the public of the risks associated with the drug. If you are experiencing hearing loss after taking Tepezza, you might have grounds for a civil lawsuit. An experienced tort attorney can advise you on how to hold the liable parties in a Tepezza lawsuit accountable.

Suing the Manufacturer

Lawsuits related to the side effects of Tepezza are a recent phenomenon, and none of them have gone to trial yet. However, several lawsuits have already been filed. To date, each of these lawsuits targets the manufacturer of the drug: Horizon Therapeutics.

Horizon Therapeutics is a global pharmaceutical company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 2005, the company has since developed a large portfolio of medications, including Ravicti, Actimmune, and Buphenyl, in addition to Tepezza.

Legal action against Horizon Therapeutics is possible because of the dangerous side effects that the company failed to disclose. While there can be significant unavoidable risks with some medications, patients are often given the opportunity to take that risk after consulting with their doctor about their options.

Plaintiffs currently suing Tepezza allege the company was aware of the potential for hearing loss but failed to warn the public.

Unlike other types of medication, there are not multiple manufacturers of Tepezza, also known as teprotumumab. The lack of generic versions of this medication means that every dose of Tepezza was manufactured by Horizon Therapeutics. For that reason, the company is the sole manufacturing defendant in every lawsuit involving Tepezza-related hearing loss.

Can I Sue a Doctor or Pharmacist for Prescribing Tepezza?

There are some cases where it could be possible to sue a doctor or pharmacist due to a harmful reaction to a certain medication. However, this does not appear to be the case when it comes to Tepezza and hearing loss. Doctors and pharmacists have an obligation to warn a patient of the risks associated with medication, but they cannot do that in situations where the manufacturer failed to provide warnings or guidance on these risks.

It is only possible to pursue legal action against a doctor or pharmacist when they could have taken reasonable steps to prevent these health consequences. For example, a doctor could have been liable if they were aware of the risk of hearing loss and prescribed Tepezza anyway.

Talk to an Attorney About Identifying Liable Parties in a Tepezza Lawsuit

Identifying the at-fault party is only the first step when pursuing a Tepezza lawsuit. You and your lawyer will also need to develop a case for compensation using available evidence.

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