Trooper Involved In Car Crash With Braves Trainer’s Wife Fired

Posted On January 9th, 2012 By CSSFIRM.COM

The Trooper involved in the tragic vehicle crash that killed the wife of the Braves trainer Jeff Porter on New Years Eve 2011 was recently fired and had a history of prior wrecks.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Trooper Donald Crozier was fired this past Friday, January 6th.  He released a statement regarding the tragic wreck and promised to cooperate with the current investigation.  Cozier said, “I am still suffering emotionally and physically as a result of the accident, but it is nothing compared to what the Porter family is going through.  I am so sorry for their loss and I think of them and pray for them every day.”

This hasn’t been the first vehicle wreck Trooper Crozier has been in.  According to authorities, this is his fourth at fault crash since the end of 2008.  Disciplinary action was taken during these crashes.  In one of the accidents, Crozier just turned on his emergency lights and was actually looking down to activate the siren but then failed to yield the right of way to a vehicle making a left turn in front of him.  The Trooper was trying to stop a stolen vehicle.

On New Year’s Eve 2011, the Trooper struck right into a sport utility vehicle the Braves trainer Jeff Porter was driving at the intersection of Capital Avenue and Memorial Drive.  On this day, Jeff Porter was driving with his wife Kathy Porter as a passenger and their son David and another passenger.  They were on their way to the Chick-fil-A Bowl when this vehicle crash occurred just after 4:30 p.m.  The Trooper says he was speeding on that day in order to assist in the chase of a motorcyclist on nearby I-20.  Jeff Porter’s wife, Kathy Porter was killed as a direct result of this motor vehicle crash.

In the initial crash report released January 6th, statements from witnesses at the scene said that the trooper “failed to use due regard when traveling through the intersection on a red traffic signal.”  According to another witness, the trooper “traveled around other vehicles that were stopped on Memorial Drive for the red signal prior to making impact” with the sport utility vehicle.  Other witnesses indicated that the trooper’s blue lights were flashing but no siren was heard.

When Crozier made the statement, he said he was in law enforcement for 17 years.  As a result of this tragic crash and the trooper’s history, Crozier was terminated.  The motor vehicle crash is still under investigation.

Our thoughts are with the Porter family and friends.

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