First DePuy Attune Lawsuit Filed Alleging The Attune Knee Replacement Failed Prematurely

Posted On September 21st, 2017 By CSSFIRM.COM

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Breaking News-Attune Knee Implant Update

The first DePuy Attune Knee lawsuit has been filed in Alabama claiming a significant failure of the fixed bearing tibial base plate in the DePuy Attune cemented knee.  It is believed that hundreds of additional lawsuits will follow in the coming months and years ahead.  Case studies and adverse event reports, reported to the FDA claim the tibial base plate of the DePuy Attune fails to adhere to the cement mantle and comes out clean or with little adherence or attachment to the cement interface.  Is this the tip if the Iceberg?

It is not known how many Attune patients may be affected but it is believed more than a hundred thousand patients were implanted with the DePuy Attune Knee. Our office has already discussed and reviewed records of premature failures and complications from the Attune Knee replacement system that have been revised because of tibial loosening events.

It is difficult to diagnose the loosening of the device.   However, many surgeons are surprised to find little to no bonding of cement attachment to the underside of the tibial tray to the  cement mantle.  In June,  The Journal of of Knee Surgery published “Unusually High Rate of Early Failure Of Tibial Component in Attune Total Knee Arthroplasty System at Implant- Cement Interface.” Knee Surg 2017; 30(05): 435-439

The author of the article Peter M. Bonutti, MD writes “ We have encountered a High rate of debonding of tibial implant- cement interface. In addition, multiple reports have been filed in Manufacturer and User Facility Device Experience database  (MAUDE) with the same mechanism of failure.”

DePuy counters the Bonutti article contains inaccuracies and is limited in a white paper it published following the publication of the Bonutti article.  But we expect much more information to come to light about the DePuy Attune Knee in the months ahead.

DePuy has now launched another version of the Attune Knee tibial base plate known as the “Attune S+”  Based upon information and belief, many surgeons that use the current Attune product have not been informed or made aware of this new design.  Notably the surface of the underside of the tibial plate has a different grit and cut outs on the underside to improve the interface of the cementing to the tibia.

This begs the question, If the current tibial base plate is not problematic in  its loosening, why redesign it with enhanced features of cement bonding with the  Attune S+?  Time will tell, but we think we already know why based on our research and investigations.  Hopefully,  DePuy will be responsible in addressing the ongoing problems with the earlier version of the Attune knee product and will start educating physicians to the same in order to promote patient safety and monitoring. If this knee system has a latent failure as suggested by Bonutti, DePuy may need to initiate a global recall of the DePuy Attune product in the future to avoid its continued use and damage in other patients.  To date however, DePuy has refused to take those steps with most doctors and has yet to even hint at a Attune Recall claiming the product preforms as expected.

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