Bicyclist In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Truck

Posted On August 15th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

A truck hit a bicyclist near 1779 Tobacco Road this past Monday, August 8th leaving the bicyclist in critical condition.

According to the Augusta Chronicle, around 8:52, the bicyclist was rear-ended by a utility type truck when he was traveling west on Tobacco Road.  Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputy, Terry Skinner, said that charges are pending against the truck driver, Willie Ferrell.

The name of the biker has not been released.  The biker was taken to the Medical College of Georgia hospital.  According to Sheriff’s Deputy Skinner, the biker suffered head trauma and is in critical condition.

 There were witnesses at the scene of the truck and bicycle accident who said that the truck did attempt to swerve in order to avoid hitting the bicyclist.

Trucking accidents can be very serious.  They have a higher chance of causing serious injuries or a fatality in comparison to car collisions. There are several reasons why truck accidents are more likely to cause serious injury or death: trucks are much heavier than cars (80,000 lbs. or more when fully loaded) which causes a greater impact in a collision; a truck is higher up than a car; materials, like metal, used to build a truck are stronger than most other materials like plastic used to build modern cars today; and because trucks carry chemicals or flammable liquids, they may cause burns or explosions.

Georgia Statute of Limitations

A statute of limitations is the given time period during which a legal action can be made. If the time period ends, it is a complete bar to any recovery if your case is not completely settled or the lawsuit is not served on the appropriate parties prior to this date or properly filed. Georgia has a statute of limitations of two years with truck accidents.

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