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There are few injuries that can be as devastating as burns. They can disfigure your skin and cause damage to deep tissues, as well as damaging your lungs and eyesight. You should not be forced to pay for the medical care if that burn was the result of another person’s or entity’s negligence. An Atlanta burn injury lawyer can help you fight for a full economic recovery of your losses. For help filing and pursuing your case, speak with a qualified catastrophic injury attorney right away.

Different Sources of Burn Injuries

Burns are usually the result of one of three primary sources: thermal, electrical, and chemical burns. All of these are dangerous and can leave lasting damage.

Thermal Burns

A thermal burn is one of the more commonly known types that occur from contact or close proximity to hot objects or substances. A burn could occur from fire, hot metal, steam, boiling liquids, and much more. A thermal burn often leads to direct burn damage, as well as complications from smoke. Inhalation of hot or caustic substances can also cause severe thermal burns.

Chemical Burns

A chemical burn occurs if the person comes into contact with a hazardous or caustic substance. Chemical burns typically result in extremely disfiguring injuries and are more common in workplace scenarios. These may include injuries from bleach, acids, bases, and other corrosives.

Electrical Burns

An electrical burn might occur if a person comes into contact with a high voltage electrical source, which can cause physical burns and neurological symptoms. It may even cause a heart attack and death. A burn injury lawyer in Atlanta might adjust legal tactics, depending on the cause of the accident and the party who is responsible.

While rare, “disease processes, such as Stevens Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, Calciphylasix and Necrotizing Faciitis” can also cause severe burns. More information on disease processes here: A Guide: When and Why Should Transfer to a Burn Center be Considered?

Investigating a Burn Claim

An injured person is entitled to a thorough investigation of their situation, which is going to have unique aspects from other similar cases. To establish another person’s or entity’s negligence, it is essential that the Atlanta burn injury attorney investigate the facts and apply them to the law. An investigation may include:

  • Analyzing and interpreting medical records
  • Using expert and other testimony at trial
  • Consulting medical professionals
  • Speaking with witnesses and eliciting their testimony
  • Identifying and naming correct defendants for a personal injury claim

The investigation is meant to determine who is at fault and seek the evidence required to prove that the burn injuries were a result of someone else or an entity’s actions.

Those who have been injured by a burn should reach out to a licensed attorney as soon as possible. Do not wait. The process of gathering evidence is more likely to be successful when action is taken quickly in a personal injury case.

Contact an Atlanta Burn Injury Attorney

Given that you could be entitled to significant compensation, your claim deserves careful consideration and a thorough analysis. Let our experienced team prepare your potential case. Contact an Atlanta burn injury lawyer today for a free consultation.

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