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A motor vehicle collision can be a chaotic event that can upend your life. Even if you do not believe you are hurt at the time of the incident, symptoms can manifest later and could permanently alter your life.

The driver who caused a car accident is responsible for paying damages to anyone who suffered losses because of it. A Stone Mountain car accident lawyer can offer legal services to people who have been injured in car crashes due to the negligence of others. During a free consultation, a trustworthy personal injury attorney can analyze your situation and determine if they are able to assist you with your potential case.

Preparing an Auto Accident Claim

It is important to see a doctor as soon as possible after a car-related injury and to follow all of their medical advice. This will be important in the event that you need to file a claim for damages. It is also important for you to preserve any evidence (police report and photos for example) that could prove what happened. Evidence will also help to avoid talking to the defendant’s lawyers or insurance company.

In order to receive compensatory damages, a lawyer must prove that the defendant was at fault for the incident. Many defendant drivers will fight back against the idea that they were responsible. Their team may try to apply the modified comparative fault law to place blame on the plaintiff. Under Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-12-33, a percentage of blame can be assigned to multiple individuals or entities. If the plaintiff’s blame rises to more than 50 percent, a court cannot award any compensation. Our car crash attorney in Stone Mountain can attempt to pin the majority of blame on other individuals or entities using evidence from the scene of the event.

Possible Losses in Motor Vehicle Collisions

Car crashes have the potential to change every part of a person’s life. Broken bones, lacerations, and brain injuries aside, there is the additional cost of medical care and rehabilitation. You might even need to repair the damage to your vehicle or make up for missed wages while you recovered.

Finally, you May be experiencing a reduced quality of life because of a crash. You will benefit from having a Stone Mountain car accident lawyer that can identify all areas of potential compensation and minimize stress on yourself or your family. A lawyer understands the tactics used by insurance companies and can prepare to push back against them on your behalf.

Contact a Stone Mountain Car Accident Attorney to Address Your Losses

All drivers on Georgia roads have a duty to protect other people by following the law and avoiding reckless behavior. If a driver is at fault for a collision that results in an injury, they may be on the hook for your medical bills and other damages.

A Stone Mountain car accident lawyer will work through complicated details and work on behalf of injured people like yourself. Our attorneys have many years of experience in personal injury law and can work with you to fight against insurance companies. Time is of the essence after an injury, so schedule a free consultation with a legal team member from Childers, Schlueter & Smith.

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