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Consumers are dependent on a wide range of products for use in daily life. However, when a consumer product causes someone to sustain a personal injury, the person or entity involved in creating, manufacturing, or distributing the product may bear legal liability.

A Morrow defective products lawyer can pursue cases involving dangerous or faulty consumer products. When you are injured in this way, it is important consult with a personal injury attorney who can help determine what legal recourse may be available to you.

Proving a Defective Product Claim in Morrow

Nearly any type of consumer product can have a defect that results in an injury. Among the most common types of defective product claims are those concerning home appliances, pharmaceutical drugs, children’s toys, motor vehicles, equipment, food and beverages, cosmetics products, and cleaning products.

Though most personal injury cases require the victim to prove the defendant was negligent in order to successfully recover damages, many defective product claims do not. If a claimant can show the product was defective, and that this defect was the direct cause of their injury, the entity that manufactured, distributed, or retailed the product can be held strictly liable for the harm that followed.

There are multiple ways in which a Morrow attorney can help an injured person establish a defective product claim. For instance, the product may have been inherently defective because of a design flaw, or it may have been part of a bad batch that was contaminated with a dangerous substance or incorrectly manufactured. A defective product case can also be made if the claimant was injured because the product was not labeled or marketed appropriately to ensure it was used safely.

Pursuing Monetary Compensation

Given the wide-ranging injuries that can come from the use of a defective product, you may be entitled to a variety of damages if you file a civil case against the liable person or entity. An injury from this product may not only produce significant medical expense, but also mean a person loses out on wages due to being unable to work for a period of time.

A Morrow product liability attorney can also pursue compensation for other losses such as future lost wages, future medical expenses, pain, suffering, and emotional trauma. The injured party and their family and friends could consult with a lawyer about the effects the incident has had on their life.

Discuss How to File a Lawsuit With a Morrow Defective Products Attorney

Whether a defective product comes onto the market with a manufacturing error, a design mistake, or improper marketing and labeling, consumers should not be left on the hook for injuries that result from using those items. Our Morrow defective products lawyers have experience in these complex cases and can thoroughly investigate all potential sources of liability.

Childers, Schlueter & Smith has extensive knowledge in product liability law and can help you seek any financial compensation you may be owed. Call us for a free and private consultation to discuss your potential claim.

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