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An injury from a dangerous drug can be life-threatening. While it may seem as though liability for a drug injury would be clear cut, these cases can be highly complicated and often involve more than one liable party.

Moreover, you must meet specific legal standards in order to present a viable dangerous drug claim. A Morrow dangerous drugs lawyer can assess your prospective claim to determine your likelihood of winning compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney investigates which entities may be legally accountable for your injuries and build a case for compensation on your behalf.

Common Injuries From Dangerous Drugs

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are commonplace in today’s society, and can be life-improving or even life-saving for many patients. However, there are a number of circumstances in which a drug can be rendered dangerous and one or multiple parties could be held legally accountable along the chain of distribution for consumer injuries.

One such circumstance is when a drug is made dangerous due to a manufacturing error that resulted in one or multiple flawed shipments of the product. A second scenario that can lead to a dangerous drug claim is when an error or oversight occurs during the development process that makes the drug inherently dangerous. A third common scenario that can lead to severe injury is when inappropriate labeling and marketing practices occur so that consumers are not adequately informed on the potential risks, side effects, and contraindications that could occur if they take the drug.

Any of these scenarios can lead to a situation where someone gets injured or falls ill. Common examples of injuries from dangerous drugs include cardiovascular and kidney damage, strokes, blood clots, birth injuries, heart failure, psychological disorders, and even certain types of cancers. A Morrow attorney understands what is at stake and what must be proven to pursue a successful dangerous drug claim. They can put their vast experience and resources to work for a plaintiff who is in need of financial help due to their losses.

Collecting Damages for Defective Drugs

Most dangerous drug claims in Morrow revolve around the legal theory of strict liability. This means that if a company’s drug was manufactured, designed, labeled,  or marketed incorrectly, the entity responsible for that error can be held strictly liable when a consumer is injured, regardless of whether or not the company engaged in any specific negligence.

Besides the pharmaceutical company that created the drug, other entities such as the party responsible for manufacturing the drug and the party who distributed it could bear legal liability. In some situations, the party responsible for prescribing or dispensing the drug, such a physician or pharmacist, may also be given a measure of legal blame. Any assessment of legal liability will depend on the specific facts of the underlying case.

An attorney can help an injured person seek numerous damages stemming from a dangerous drug. These damages could include the costs associated with their medical bills, pain, suffering, lost income, and other losses.

Contact a Morrow Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Proving that a specific drug or medication is directly linked to the injuries that you have sustained is not a simple task. Frequently, the defendants in these cases are large companies with vast resources at their disposal who will use every tool available to attempt to deflect liability.

A Morrow dangerous drugs lawyer from Childers, Schlueter & Smith can use their extensive experience to push back against such tactics. They will represent your interests at every stage of your case and work tirelessly to seek the full range of damages you deserve. Call us to set up your free legal consultation with a member of our team.

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