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Catastrophic injuries are those that produce debilitating or long-term harm: falling debris or construction materials that cause a TBI; an accident around workplace machinery that results in the amputation of your hand or arm; a vicious dog attack that leaves you with severe permanent scars. These are a few of the many ways in which you might experience a serious injury.

Catastrophic injuries might never heal despite the best of medical treatment and therapies. However, the costs and impacts of these terrible events can last for a lifetime and create tremendous financial pressures for you and your family. This is where your Morrow catastrophic injury lawyer comes in. A trustworthy personal injury attorney may be able to help you with filing for financial compensation.

Examples of Catastrophic Injuries in Morrow

Different people can have differing ideas of what constitutes a “catastrophic injury.” Most definitions of the term include injuries that have some lasting or permanent aspect to them. Injuries resulting in permanent disfigurement, scarring, loss of limb, or disability are classic examples. Potential sources of these injuries include:

  • A car or truck accident, especially vehicle collisions that occur at high speeds
  • A motorcycle crash which throws the rider and causes paralysis
  • Burn accidents caused by combustible materials, dangerous chemicals, or hazardous products
  • Slips, trips, and falls at work or at home, which might cause a spinal cord injury
  • Machine-related incidents, which can easily cause crushing injuries or lead to the loss of limbs

The designation of an injury as being “catastrophic” or not has no bearing on the type of compensation the victim may be entitled to receive. Rather, a person who suffers a catastrophic injury should simply be on notice that the financial compensation they will need to be made “whole” will likely have to account for expenses already incurred and those they will likely suffer in the future. A catastrophic injury attorney in Morrow makes sure the injured parties are pursuing the fullest amount of compensation possible.

Timeline of a Catastrophic Injury Case

One of the most common concerns that victims of catastrophic injuries have is how long it will take to see any compensation for the medical bills, lost pay, and ongoing treatment needs they will have. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

In cases where the injured person and the negligent individual or entity reach a settlement, compensation may come quickly. It may only be a matter of months before the funds arrive. Conversely, in situations where the facts of the case are murkier and a trial is necessary, it may be a couple of years after the date of the incident before the person receives compensation – if they receive any at all.

A catastrophic injury lawyer usually attempts first to negotiate a settlement with the defendant’s insurance company. If that does not produce an agreement, they have the right to file a lawsuit, where the outcome will be in the hands of a jury who listens to all evidence and makes a decision.

Speak With a Morrow Catastrophic Lawyer About Your Claim

Catastrophic injuries will certainly change your life and the lives of your loved ones, but they do not need to spell financial ruin for you. Those individuals or entities who were the cause of the incident should be held to answer for the consequences of their decisions.

Do not wait to speak with a Morrow catastrophic injury lawyer about your legal rights. Even though your recovery may take years, you have only a limited time to file suit. Childers, Schlueter & Smith can advocate for you in your time of need. Reach out to us and learn what may be possible.

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