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All property owners must protect visitors who enter onto their land from getting harmed . Usually, this means repairing broken steps or cleaning up spills. But in some situations, a landowner may also be responsible for any criminal activity that takes place on their property. If a victim in these crimes can demonstrate that a lack of adequate security led to the incident, the landowner may be civilly liable for their injuries.

A Dunwoody negligent security lawyer can build up a lawsuit using evidence that the property owner did not provide adequate protection. This can include identifying security footage, examining the neighborhood, and evaluating whether the criminal action was foreseeable. A trustworthy premises liability attorney works with you to secure the largest settlement possible.

When to Seek Compensation After a Security Breach

Negligent security cases fall under the umbrella of premises liability. This means that people seeking compensation must prove that the owner of the property failed to provide the protection that the law requires. This is not a criminal charge against the assailant, but rather a civil charge for compensation against the property owner.

Evaluating a visitor’s rights under the law means determining whether they had permission to be on the land and their reasons for being there. Most people seeking compensation in negligent security claims will be invitees, which means they entered the land with the owner’s permission and for the owner’s benefit. According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 51-3-1, owners must protect invitees from known hazards, as well as foreseeable harm. A Dunwoody negligent security attorney can help determine if a victim’s situation falls into this category. There may be evidence available that shows a landowner was negligent in allowing an attack to occur.

What to Expect When Filing a Negligent Security Claim

It is a common misconception that people will need to go to court to collect compensation for injuries that result from negligent security. In reality, most valid claims end with a satisfactory settlement without even needing to file a suit. Still, the settlement process can be lengthy and difficult to understand.

Before a person even files a claim with an insurance company, they could work with an attorney to investigate the incident. Among the investigatory tools a lawyer can use are:

  • Visiting the site of the attack to take pictures and video
  • Speaking with any witnesses to the crime
  • Reviewing any existing security footage
  • Collecting police reports concerning the incident

By gathering all the relevant information before filing a claim, they are better prepared to combat the insurance company’s likely denial of payment.

A Dunwoody negligent security lawyer’s goal is to obtain maximum compensation for a person injured in an attack. Once they have evidence concerning the incident and have made the liability of the landowner clear, they can begin negotiating a financial settlement. A lawyer can guide someone through the process of completing written statements, attending in-person meetings, and composing demand letters to collect compensation without needing to go to court.

Get Representation From a Dunwoody Negligent Security Attorney

All landowners have an obligation to protect invited visitors onto their land or into their buildings. This includes providing adequate security to prevent criminal activity. If the landowner does not take reasonable care to prevent crime, and a person suffers an injury as a result, then that injured person may be able to hold the property owner liable.

A Dunwoody negligent security lawyer can pursue a case on your behalf. Childers, Schlueter & Smith will represent your interests as they push for a satisfactory settlement that addresses hospital bills, lost wages, and mental suffering. Reach out to us to schedule your free consultation.

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