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Please Note: CSS Firm is no longer accepting or investigating new knee implant claims at this time. This article is for educational purposes only.

In March 2015, the Food and Drug Administration announced that Zimmer was recalling components of the Persona knee implant. According to the company, the Persona Trabecular Metal Tibial Plate is loosening at a more frequent rate than expected. The plate is the portion of the implant that sits directly between the two bones that make the knee joint.

At Childers, Schlueter & Smith, our dedicated attorneys have extensive experience representing the victims of faulty medical devices, particularly joint replacements. We have represented people across the nation and have been appointed by judges to serve in leadership roles in moving medical device litigation forward on behalf of thousands of people. Working with our Zimmer Personal knee implant lawyers could be beneficial for your case.

Zimmer Recalls Knee Implant Part After Complaints

Hands of old man holding hurt knee, knee implant lawyersZimmer sent recall notices to medical facilities across the U.S. to announce the recall. According to the company, when the plate loosens, it can cause pain and potentially require surgery to repair. In total, the company recalled more than 11,500 of the components.

If you have been harmed, you have a right to seek justice for what has happened. When implants do not function as they should, the complications can be extremely painful. Families are put through hardship. A compassionate lawyer could work with families struggling due to the effects of the defective Zimmer knee implant.

Persona Knee Replacement: ‘An Increase in Complaints’

Introduced in November 2012, the Persona knee replacement was distributed in 25 U.S. states more than a dozen foreign countries.

In the recall notice, the FDA said there had been an increase in the number of complaints of radiolucent lines and loosening from people implanted with the Persona knee system. It is a Class 2 recall, which is issued when a product “may cause temporarily or medically reversible consequences.”

The recall applies to all versions and sizes of the Persona implant. No matter the type of Persona knee implant an injured party has, they have the right to file a claim with an attorney.

Was the Persona Implant Properly Tested?

knee replacement image, knee implant recall attorneysZimmer is one of the largest manufacturers of knee replacement in the world, making 25% of all knee implants that are sold. These implants represented a large chunk of the $4.69 billion in revenue the company posted in 2013.

The Persona implant was approved by the FDA through what is known as 501(k), a provision that has been heavily criticized in recent years as we learn of more and more defective medical devices. This rule allows a product to be “fast-tracked” through the approval process if it is similar enough to a product already approved.

That is not sufficient.

Like all manufacturers, Zimmer is responsible for the products it sells. Just like pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices should be rigorously tested before entering the market. If there are concerns or dangers, patients need to be fully aware of them before they opt to have the product implanted in their bodies.

If you received a Persona knee implant and have suffered painful complications, it may be because of the recalled component. An attorney may be able to help your family if you are suffering due to a faulty Zimmer knee implant.

Please Note: CSS Firm is no longer accepting or investigating new knee implant claims at this time. This article is for educational purposes only.

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