Types of Hearing Loss From Tepezza

Tepezza—the first drug approved by the FDA to treat thyroid eye disease—was initially hailed as an effective treatment for a condition that previously had few treatment options available. Unfortunately, claims of hearing loss became common shortly after the drug entered the public marketplace.

While these issues seem prevalent, the manufacturer of Tepezza failed to address the risk of hearing loss as a side effect in the documentation that comes with the drug. These side effects can include a number of hearing issues, including deafness. The team at Childers, Schlueter & Smith can talk with you about the types of hearing loss associated with Tepezza during a free consultation.


Autophony is one of the more unusual side effects that can result from taking Tepezza. This condition does not involve the loss of hearing. Instead, it is related to an unusual heightening of the senses under very specific circumstances. Autophony results in being overly sensitive to the sounds of a person’s own body, such as the sound of your breathing or your voice being unusually loud in your head.


Other studies have found that patients might also experience hyperacusis when taking the drug Tepezza. Hyperacusis involves hypersensitivity to common, everyday sounds. This hypersensitivity can make it difficult for you to deal with even relatively quiet environments.

Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

Not all hearing-related issues involve hypersensitivity to sound. For some people, the side effects of Tepezza make it difficult to hear anything clearly. Eustachian tube dysfunction leaves a person feeling as if their ears are plugged, which often results in muffled sounds that make it difficult to understand conversation.


Tinnitus is the name for a constant ringing sound your ears. This ringing does not result from any external source, and for some people, the ringing sound is constant. Others might experience tinnitus that comes and goes. Tinnitus is one of the most common types of hearing loss for Tepezza users.


For some people taking Tepezza, the effects of the drug have resulted in sudden and complete deafness. For some, this condition began as a minor hearing loss that eventually worsened to a total loss. For others, deafness came on suddenly. This is the most serious consequences of Tepezza and may mean you will need to request damages for the long-term harm this will cause you and your family.

The Extent of Hearing Loss is Unknown

One of the serious issues that remain unclear is how long these side effects from using Tepezza might persist. The manufacturer has repeatedly assured the public that these side effects are not only rare but that they will also subside when a patient stops treating with the drug. However, many plaintiffs in ongoing legal action against the manufacturer are alleging that their conditions have continued even after they stop taking Tepezza.

Any type of hearing loss is an unfortunate hardship that can dramatically impact your life. When there is a risk that the loss of hearing is permanent, that hardship increases significantly.

Talk to an Attorney About Hearing Loss After Using Tepezza

Any impact on your hearing is a serious medical issue that should be addressed right away. Unfortunately for some people, these hearing issues can last long after they stop taking the drug. If you are dealing with hearing loss after taking Tepezza, you could have grounds for a lawsuit. Call us or fill out a contact form to set up a free consultation.

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