Collecting Evidence for a Tepezza Lawsuit

Filing a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company is unlike most other personal injury cases. When you are involved in a car wreck, your attorney must uncover evidence that the other driver or some other entity was negligent. That is not the case when you are injured by a defective medication.

Collecting evidence for a Tepezza lawsuit does not involve presenting proof that the manufacturer was negligent or that they intended to harm you individually. Succeeding in these cases requires proof that you used the medication and developed health issues linked to Tepezza afterward. An experienced mass tort attorney from Charles, Schlueter & Smith can look into your potential case and begin the process of collecting evidence if you have a claim.

Evidence That You Took Tepezza

The most important evidence you can provide is proof that you have used Tepezza in the past. Tepezza comes in the form of infusions, so any type of proof of receiving these infusions is valuable in a civil case.

Often, a plaintiff will rely on their own medical records to show that they were prescribed and used Tepezza. Even financial records that corroborate payments for these infusions could be useful.

It is also helpful to have medical records that establish your underlying condition that Tepezza was designed to treat. Tepezza is the only available treatment for thyroid eye disease and treating this disease is its only known use.

Where to Look for Medical Records

It is not enough for you to prove that you were prescribed and received Tepezza infusions. In order to successfully pursue damages, you must also show that you are living with serious health issues linked to the use of Tepezza, which include hearing loss and tinnitus.

Medical records from the hospital or clinic can establish the first time that you sought treatment for hearing loss. This is important, especially if these issues suddenly arose after Tepezza treatments began. Medical records could also establish the severity of your hearing issues.

It might be necessary to obtain medical records from multiple providers in order to make a case for compensation. For example, a general practitioner might refer a patient to a specialist for complaints regarding hearing loss. It could be necessary to obtain your records from both doctors in order to pursue full compensation.

Evidence of Pre-Existing Conditions

Medical records are also useful for establishing any health issues you had prior to the use of Tepezza. This is important, as the manufacturer’s defense team will inquire about any pre-existing hearing issues. Having hearing loss prior to taking Tepezza does not mean compensation is automatically unavailable. It is possible that the use of Tepezza could enflame or worsen any existing hearing loss or tinnitus. Comparing medical records before and after the use of Tepezza could paint a clear picture of how the drug impacted your hearing.

Contact an Attorney About Collecting Evidence for a Potential Tepezza Lawsuit

If you are experiencing hearing loss after taking Tepezza, you might be entitled to compensation. Success with your case requires evidence, and the right attorney can assist you with collecting evidence that proves your damages. Call our law firm to learn more during a free, confidential consultation.

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