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A boat accident carries a high possibility for significant bodily harm. In addition to the typical injuries that someone might experience, there is the added risk of being thrown overboard and drowning. These accidents can occur for many different reasons, whether it is operator negligence or some defective part within the vessel. You can hire a trustworthy personal injury attorney to help determine who was at fault and then hold them accountable through a lawsuit.

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The Broad Definition of a Boating Accident

The label “boating” accident refers to more than just boats: it also encompasses jet skis, boogie boards, canoes, kayaks, and more. Any accident that occurs while on the water would likely fit into this broad category. If negligence was the cause of the injuries, a College Park boat accident lawyer can put all their resources into investigating the incident and making a case against the negligent party.

Negligent Operation of Boats and Watercraft

When a person operates their boat, they are expected to utilize reasonable care when doing so. This means following all laws that apply, staying aware of their surroundings, and acting in a way that other reasonable people would do in a similar situation. When they fail to do those things, their conduct could likely be considered negligent. This negligence, when it is the reason the plaintiff was injured, may lead to significant financial compensation.

Boats can be operated by private owners or businesses, and for commercial or recreational purposes. The vessel might have an insurance policy attached to it, so both the owner and insurance company may be responsible to pay for the plaintiff’s damages.

Corporate Defendants

Other situations could involve large businesses or corporations. Many employers are responsible for the negligent acts of their employees, which in turn permits a lawsuit against the employer even if they were not directly negligent. But there are some cases where the company is directly liable. This can be true in situations where the company:

  • Failed to properly train the boat operator
  • Supplied inadequate safety equipment
  • Failed to maintain the boat
  • Enacted dangerous policies that led to the harm

A College Park lawyer does their due diligence in investigating the company’s practices and uncovering incidents of negligence.

Defective Boats and Vessel Parts

In other situations, a boat incident may be the result of a defective piece of equipment on or within the vessel. When it is the manufacturer’s fault that the incident occurred, they may be responsible under Georgia Code § 51-1-11.1. The manufacturer may be responsible for issues such as:

  • Dangerous design of the boat or product
  • The product was manufactured in a dangerous way
  • There was a failure to warn the plaintiff of a known danger
  • The product failed to comply with an express warranty

When these boat accident situations occur, a highly competent College Park attorney is necessary. Events related to manufacturing defects typically require expert testimony to establish how the manufacturer was at fault.

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No one who goes out for a relaxing day on the water wants to think about a serious crash that leaves them with broken bones, brain damage, or worse. You have the option of filing a claim for damages, which could mean significant monetary compensation for you and your family.

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