Two More Studies Link Yaz with Blood Clots

Posted On July 8th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

Women taking contraceptives containing the progestin drosperinone, such as Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz and the generic, Ocella, have an increased risk of dangerous blood clots (thrombosis) compared to users of other pills.

Two studies, one from the U.S. and one from the U.K., add to an increasing amount of evidence that pills with drosperinone may be less safe than contraceptive pills with long-approved progestins such as norethindrone or levonorgestrel. Blood clots can lead to stroke, pulmonary embolism and other dangerous and potentially fatal conditions.

Evolution of The Pill

Since the Pill was introduced in the 1960s, researchers have known that it may carry an increased risk of blood clots. Most Pills contain the hormones progestin and estrogen. Estrogen is a hormone that occurs naturally in women’s bodies and is responsible for a variety of normal functions, including helping with blood coagulation. The risk of blood clots from traditional contraceptive pills has been proven to be minimal.

Yaz is Different

Yaz and similar pills contain estrogen but also use a new type of progestin called drospirenone. Researchers are now beginning to study the effects of various progestins, like drospirenone, on blood clots. This is because even though Yaz uses less estrogen than traditional birth control pills, Yaz’s users are experiencing higher rates of blood clots.

You’re Not Alone

If you have experienced health problems and think they may be related to Yaz or a similar pill, you aren’t alone. Over 100 lawsuits have been filed against Bayer, the manufacturer of Yaz. Cases range from medical problems linked to Yaz and its progestin hormone to deceptive advertising about Yaz’s safety.

We Can Help

Hospitalization for treatment of blood clots, if they are caught in time, can be exceptionally expensive. Stroke, pulmonary embolism and other life threatening problems are even more devastating.  You and your family shouldn’t have to bear these major financial and emotional burdens alone.

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