Tragic Plane Crash Results in Innocent Lives Lost

Posted On June 15th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

Two tragic plane crashes have occurred recently in remote mountains where all occupants have tragically been killed.  Both planes left out of airports located in Georgia.

On May 25, a twin-engine plane flown by Matthew Shuey, crashed into a remote area of the western North Carolina Mountains, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The plane left out of Fulton County Airport in Atlanta, Georgia and was heading to Hazard, Ky.  The pilot was tragically killed as well as his three passengers.  All three passengers were former or current students at Alice Lloyd College, located in Pippa Passes, Ky.  The passengers were identified as Miranda Morgan, 20 years old, Tiffany Maggard, 23 years old, and Kassie Robinson, 22 years old.

The second crash occurred in the North Georgia Mountains.  A Beechcraft Bonanza plane was reported missing on Monday.  Occupants of the plane included the pilot, Phil Key, from Ohio, and three passengers, Woodie and Mattie Pierce and Patricia Smith, all from Georgia.  One of the passengers won the trip as a prize at the Gilmer County High School’s 50th reunion (class of 1961).  When the plane was reported missing, more than 100 people were involved in the search.

The plane deported Ellijay airport last Monday in the morning with the purpose of sightseeing.  Families of the occupants contacted the airport when the plane did not return on time and as expected.  Reports show that the flight had no contact with air traffic controllers.

Search crews discovered the bodies last Wednesday night after lowering a searcher from a helicopter to reach the site on Rich Mountain.  This area is very remote and rugged.  Investigations into the cause of this plane crash have been initiated by the National Transportation Safety Board.

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