Tragic Car Collision Results From Drunk Driver: George C. Powers Now Faces Criminal Charges

Posted On August 19th, 2010 By CSSFIRM.COM

A fund has been created at the People’s Bank in Auburn to help aid and benefit Luc and Olivia Siple of Auburn and their family after tragedy struck their family.

According to the Barrow County News, Joshua Siple and his wife, Diann (also known as Nicole) were involved in a car accident on July 17th resulting in Joshua going to the hospital and Nicole tragically dying.

Also in this car accident was Tiffany Starr Thompsen, who is 24 years old. Thompsen was driving along U.S. 82 when her Ford Escape was struck by an on-coming truck, a Ford F-150. Joshua was ejected from the car and Thompsen suffered a fractured skull, a broken ankle, has over 100 stitches, and has damage to her right arm.

Joshua is currently at United Regional Health Care System in Wichita Falls, Texas. He suffered many injuries and is undergoing treatment for massive frontal lobe damage, broken ribs, shattered upper and lower bones, and other injuries.

This family has been torn apart just from one car crash. Luc said, Josh “has been unconscious since the accident. They need to perform surgery but when they lay him flat on his back his lungs fill up with fluid and his ICP pressure goes up… they need to get him stabilized first.”

The other driver, George C. Powers, 43 years old of Haslet, Texas, has been charged in connection to this crash.  The charge lodged against Powers is intoxication manslaughter among many other charges.

The Fund created for this family is under Luc Siple’s name. The Branch manager, Connie Ross, says that whoever wants to make contributions to the family can come into the Auburn Branch or you can mail checks to the following address:

P.O. Box 788 Winder, GA 30680

Attention Auburn Branch

Please call (770) 339-4694 for more information.

Powers has bonded out and is now waiting for the trial dates to be set. Joshua is improving at the hospital. When he was taken off his paralytic medications, he was able to move his fingers and open his eyes a bit.

This is such a tragedy that struck Siple’s family. Our thoughts are with them as they deal with this incident. If you want to make a donation, please send it to the above address or call the number for more information.

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