The DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recall and The Georgia Doctors Trying To Help ASR Patients

Posted On August 16th, 2012 By CSSFIRM.COM

Over the past several months, our Georgia Hip Implant Lawyers based in Atlanta, Georgia have received many calls from patients suffering pains, injuries, dislocations and concerns over the DePuy ASR Hip Implant Recall .  This recall began back in August of 2010.  To date Childers Schlueter and Smith LLC has been a leading advocate for patients that have the misfortune of having this device implanted. In fact, CSS Firm has filed more DePuy ASR hip implant cases than any other Georgia based firm to date and continues to review new cases on behalf of those injured by the defective ASR device.

Valid concerns by patients dealing with the ASR Hip Implant have been raised about the cobalt and chromium levels present in their blood.  Toxic cobalt levels have been linked to an inflammatory condition that is linked with necrosis of surrounding tissue and eventual bone loss in the hip joint known as Osteolysis.

One common question may patients have here is what responsibility, if any, do the doctors and/or orthopedic surgeons that implanted these ASR Hip Implant devices have in this nationwide ASR hip implant recall.  Our firm’s research and findings is clear: NONE in the cases we have seen and reviewed to date.  You may ask what the reason is for this:  DePuy has failed to convey their findings on the increasing failure rates of DePuy ASR devices to surgeons and made the product that was defective according to many learned medical scholars like Stephen Tower and other experienced medical providers. The “cadillac of implants”, as the DePuy ASR implant was commonly referred to by DePuy representatives, was far from that promise and warranty.

Unfortunately there is much more information our Georgia Hip Implant Lawyers have on these findings but we can only discuss so much in a public forum.

The important thing here is that the fault of these injuries pains and problems of cobaltism and metallosis relate to DePuy and its ASR Hip Implant, NOT the medical providers out that there that are trying to help their patients adequately address these issues and perform revision surgeries on those that need them.

The following orthopedic surgeons are assisting patients overcome the issues and difficulties of the ASR Hip Implants and are seeking to ensure that these patients are examined and properly treated.

Some of the more experienced and knowledgeable physicians we have been made aware of and/or worked with are as follows:

Dr. David J. Covall  of Resurgens Orthopaedics (Implanted more ASR Devices than any other doctor in Georgia and is a leading adovcate for his patients suffering from this now recalled device. He is also a leading Georgia doctor for revising these devices due to the numerous complications and injuries they have caused to thousands of Georgia hip implant patients)

Dr. Daniel Schlatter of Atlanta Medical Center (Another leading hip implant surgeon helping those in Georgia suffering from the DePuy ASR hip implant recall)

Dr. John Keating of The Keating Group and Atlanta Medical Center

Dr. Neil J. Negrin of Atlanta Sports Medicine

Dr. Brian Makhuli, Dr. Stephen Kim, and Dr. Kenneth Kress of Resurgens Orthopaedics

Dr. Kenneth Sands , Dr. Harrold Williams , and Dr. Randall Anderson of Harbin Clinic

Dr. Murice Jove and Dr. Scott A. Barbour of Georgia Bone and Joint Specialists

Dr. Anuj Gupta and Dr. John D. Henry of Peachtree Orthopaedics Clinic

Dr. Christopher A. Jarrett and Dr. Joseph Wilkes of Southern Orthopaedic Specialists, LLC

Dr. Murice Jove and Dr. Scott A. Barbour of Georgia Bone and Joint Specialists

Dr. Dougls A. Phillips of Orthopaedic Associates of Augusta, P.A.

Dr. Thomas Branch of University Orthopedics and DeKalb Medical Center

Dr. Thomas BradburyDr. James Roberson , and Dr. Greg Erens of Emory Clinic and Orthopedics

Dr. Scott G. Bowerman of Rome Orthopedic and and Sports Medicine

Dr. Jon E. Minter of The Orthopedic Center of the Southeast

According to the British Orthopaedic Association and theBritish Hip Socitey , research shows the failure and revision rates with the DePuy ASR hip implants may be as high as 49% over the first six years after .receiving the device.

If you have questions about your DePuy ASR Hip Implant and want a free legal evaluation of your potential claim or have questions about Broadspire, contact our  Hip Implant Lawyers based in Atlanta, Georgia. We can further explain why we think the above surgeons, among many others, are NOT the source of your problems and pains and why DePuy Orthopaedics and Johnson and Johnson should be the focus of your frustration and concern. We can also discuss how the ASR lawsuit consolidation into the DePuy MDL 2197(transferred to the Northern District of Ohio) may affect you and your case.

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