Softball Tournament And Memorial Fund Set Up Following Tragic Car Accident

Posted On August 21st, 2010 By CSSFIRM.COM

The Winter family has been torn apart from a car crash that occurred on June 30th. On his way to his grandma’s house, Charlie Winters was inside a minivan that was involved in a collision with another car.  Winters was in the car with his parents, Junior and Grey Winters at the time.  He suffered brain injury and tragically passed as a result of the car wreck the following day.  His parents suffered injuries as well.

Even with all this pain and destruction involved in the car wreck, the memory of the little boy is still living on and charities are stepping in to help.

To show the true charater of the Winter’s family, his parents decided to donate his organs.  Grey Winters states, “Charlie, at 3 years old, was the most giving, gentle child I have ever known.  He would hand over his favorite toys to other kids and say, ‘Here you go.’ “  Junior Winters received a letter from the Alabama Organ Center informing her that Charlie’s kidneys went to another younger boy.  She said, according to Forsythnews, “It hurts because our baby is gone, but I can’t imagine a 1 year old desperately needing two kidneys, what those parents must’ve been going through.”

It’s great to see that the Winters are trying to make other people feel better even through all the pain they have and continue to suffer from their loss of their three year old.

As a result of the car wreck, Grey Winters’ ankle was crushed and he is in a wheelchair as it heals.  He may never walk again.  Among this injury, Grey Winters suffered from two fractured knees and a lacerated spleen.  This family has gone through severe pain and suffering just from one tragic car accident.

Junior Winters suffered injury as well.  She had glass embedded in her knee and broke her thumb.  Thankfully, the Winters have an incredibly supportive family who have been there for them, helping out with many things.

There was a Charlie’s Angels Charity Softball Tournament on August 14 at Central Park.  Proceeds from the Charlie’s Angels Charity Softball Tournament will go towards the family’s medical and funeral costs.  If you can, please make a donation to the fund set up for this event to benefit the family in this trying time. Donations to Charlie’s memorial fund can be made by e-mailing Crystal Forrester at or by calling (770) 654-5736.

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