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Ortho Implant Recall Site Seeks To Register Implants And Promote Patient Safety

Posted On August 28th, 2014 By CSSFIRM.COM

We are pleased to inform everyone there is now an organized and physician backed Joint Registry for those with hip, knee and shoulder implants:

Ortho Implant Site

The registry site is the first of its kind to promote awareness and information on joint recalls, issues and potential solutions for patients. It is also designed to help track all hip, knee and shoulder implants which, unbeknownst to most, is currently not required of implant manufacturers by the FDA.

Per the Ortho Implant Recall Site:

If you or a loved one has had hip, knee, shoulder or any kind of joint replacement surgery, the Ortho Implant Recall website is your resource to find out whether or not your implant has been recalled for any reason. Please join our registry and you can rest easy knowing that if the FDA issues a recall or if there is an industry recall on your replacement joint, you will be notified quickly. Your physician has no obligation to notify you so please take advantage of the Ortho Implant Recall registry and join today.

Ortho Implant Site-Why Join

Given all the medical device recalls and claims we have seen over the years, we are happy to see a caring group organize this needed joint registry. We hope it will promote a more informed patient experience and lead to more timely treatment regime if and when needed.


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