New Jersey Jury Gives Verdict In Favor of Plaintiff for $3.35 Million In Compensatory Damages In Tranvaginal Mesh Implant Trial

Posted On February 25th, 2013 By CSSFIRM.COM

The jury in the Johnson and Johnson/Ethicon’s Gynecare Prolift mesh trial just awared $3.35 million for compensatory damages to Mrs. Gross.  The Court is deciding now whether to go into the punitives phase of trial. As more information is discovered we will update it here given the momentious events of this case.

The intial break down of the damages are as follows:


Past and present for pain and suffering:  $1,100,000

Past lost wages: $180,000

Future lost wages: $500,000

Past medical expenses: $385,000

Future medical and household services:  $1,000,00

Loss of consortium $185,000

The case of Gross v. Gynecare Inc., Atl-L-6966-10, filed in the Superior Court of Atlantic County, New Jersey (Atlantic City) involves the first lawsuit to go to trial over whether Johnson & Johnson’s (“J & J”) Ethicon unit properly designed a vaginal mesh implant and adequately warned of its risks.

The Plaintiff who is a nurse from South Dakota has sued Ethicon’s design over her Gynecare Prolift mesh saying that the mesh was defective.  She says that the mesh caused her to have 18 serious surgeries.

As noted previously, here is a previous update of this transvaginal mesh implant case:

New Jersey Prolift Trial

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