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Metal Cup in Smith & Nephew Withdrawn from Hip System

Posted On June 4th, 2012 By CSSFIRM.COM

After an unusually high number of patient problems with a metal-on-mental artificial hip system, Smith & Nephew is withdrawing a component of one of its all-metal artificial hip systems.

According to the Reuters, Smith & Nephew, a British company issued this voluntary recall recently.  This recall adds to the safety and concerns about metal-on-metal hip implants.  However, Smith & Nephew stated that the problems with their metal-on-metal hip systems were different then those seen with other all metal hip implants.

Some patients who had one of the Smith & Nephew hip implant systems experienced several problems including dislocations, fractures, and infections.  With these problems, there was no evidence of “metallosis.”  Metallosis is the build of metallic debris in the body that was seen in other patients who suffered pain with metal-on-metal hip implants.

One product Smith & Nephew is withdrawing is the optional metal liner, or cup, which is a component of its R3 Acetabular System.  Alternatives remain for use by surgeons, including alternative non-metal liners.

Apparently this recall comes after a review showing that 1.6 percent of patients with the Smith & Nephew all metal hip implant needed revision surgery each year.  This is above the one percent guideline set by Britain’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence.

There were around 7,700 metal liners used and implanted in patients since it was introduced in 2007.  Smith & Nephew’s chief medical officer, Andy Weymann, said, “We regularly review the effectiveness of our products and are not satisfied with the clinical results of this component.”

With this recent recall, all metal hip implants are showing to be seriously dangerous and actually make it harder and worse for patients who have this type of hip implant implanted.

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