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IVC Filters- A Story of Corporate Greed?

Posted On January 6th, 2016 By CSSFIRM.COM

NBC Nightly News aired their 3rd story on the dangers of the IVC blood clot filter (link below). It questions the motives behind C.R. Bards efforts to continue selling their IVC filter products despite numerous complications and injuries to consumers.

Confidential company records obtained by NBC News show that New Jersey-based medical device giant C.R. Bard was concerned about reports of failures for its G2 series filters, designed to replace the company’s Recovery filter, within four months of being cleared to sell the G2 by the Food and Drug Administration.

But instead of recalling the G2 filter, and the virtually identical G2 Express, the medical device manufacturer decided to keep them on the market for five years, until 2010, selling more than 160,000 of them.

According to Dr. William Kuo, a interventional radiologist who runs Stanford Health Care’s IVC Filter Clinic, which specializes in removing failed blood clot filters. “The number of complications, the frequency of severe failures makes it obvious that it was never safe to be implanted.”

Sadly this is the reason we have been, and continue to investigate these IVC Filter cases. These are causing tremendous injuries and drastically affecting lives all over the United States.  Unlike many others, the specific IVC devices we are investigating were rushed onto the market without adequate testing or clinical trials and have since put patient safety in grave jeopardy. One manufacturer already has well founded allegations that it forged an FDA application to get its product(s) on the market. Select others despite approval for temporary placement only, are now in capable of being removed due to embedment and/or filter migrating. In short, some very specific IVC Filters, but certainly not all, present an ongoing danger to patients and consumers alike.

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