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Good Samaritans Killed by Tractor Trailer

Posted On October 4th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

Oon September 22, a man was killed in a crash alongside I-465 in Indianapolis.  This tragic crash occurred around 11:50 p.m. close to I-74, according to the WTHR, Channel 13.

Kymari Sue Cobel, 31 years old and of Paoli stopped to change the tire to her vehicle.  Shortly thereafter, a Ford truck with Georgia plates stopped and pulled over to help Cobel and her passenger, Zachary Wright, 21 years old.

The driver who stopped to help Cobel was named Greg Lacey, 32 years old and of Georgia.  Lacey’s passenger also got out to help Cobel change her tire.  Both men were acting as good Samaritans.  As both gentlemen walked around the Pontiac, a semi truck crossed the fog line.  The truck hit the Ford truck, Lacey’s passenger, Wright and Lacey.

The passenger tragically died at the scene.  Lacey was transported to Methodist and treated for non-life threatening injuries including road rash.  Cobel was not hit by this truck and therefore did not suffer any injuries.  Wright was transported to Wishard and was treated for a broken leg and some other non-life threatening injuries.

Lacey said, “The next thing I know I was climbing over the guard rail right beside him.  It was a mess.”  He also commented that there is a lot of traffic on I-465.

State police said that a semi truck drifted into the shoulder and hit the pick up and then Lacey’s coworker.  Lacey thinks he was hit by a spare tire as debris went flying everywhere.  “I do remember the truck driver coming over.  He was on the phone.  He looked down on my buddy laying there dead.  All he could say was you shouldn’t have been on the side of the road and turned around and walked off,” Lacey said.

There is a current investigation into this tragic vehicle crash to determine if this is a crime of negligence or carelessness.

The driver of the semi-truck was Paul Morris, 58 years old and of Cincinnati.  There was no evidence of alcohol or drug use by this driver; however, he did not keep a required record of his work hours.  Because of this, Morris was placed “out-of-service.”  Furthermore, the truck and trailer have been placed out-of-service due to a problem with the air brake connections.

This case is especially important as it highlights the importance of safety for those who stop on the interstate.  Drivers should be extra cautious when attempting to make repairs on the side of the highway.

Our thoughts are with the passenger’s family and friends.

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