What Parents Should Do After a School Bus Accident

Posted On October 5th, 2010 By CSSFIRM.COM

The tragic accident that occurred on October 4th is one that many around Carroll Country won’t forget for many years.  School buses, while often driven by the most responsible and evaluated professionals on the road, may still be involved in deadly accidents.

As parents ourselves, the thought of losing a child at anytime is unbearable.  Losing a child while in school, or while supervised in transit to and from school allows millions of parents to work or tend to needs around the home, including raising our other children.  To the parents of the 12 children that were involved in yesterday’s rollover crash, if your child has suffered visible physical injuries, our first piece of advice is document the recovery and healing process. Photographs and a chronological list of events, or a journal, can be beneficial should a dispute arise.  Our second piece of advice is to understand the cause, the conditions, and what had been done to prevent the accident.  Were there any witnesses from outside the school bus? What are their names, and were they driving their own cars or lived near the road.  Who was the first local authority to the scene?  Who was the paramedic crew?

As the investigation unfolds, as a parent you should be aggressively seeking answers, documentation, and asking questions.  If you feel that at any point you are not being treated fairly, speak with a lawyer you trust.

If your child was involved in a school bus accident, the healing process is your time to care, but also closely observe.  Watch your child emotionally heal.  As any victim of a rollover accident can tell you, it is a violent experience that can lead to future problems such as anxiety, nightmares, and in extreme cases, social disorders.  Rollover accidents are often connected to brain injuries of varying degrees.  A mild traumatic brain injury is a common occurrence and does not always show immediate signs, but effects that develop over time, often dismissed as “quirks.”

If you have seen signs of a cognitive disorder, or a physical injury potentially not healing properly, contact your doctor as soon as possible. Nothing is more important than your child’s safety and we hope this post will aide someone in protecting and caring for their child’s well-being.

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