FDA Shuts Down Triad Group

Posted On June 22nd, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

The FDA recently filed a permanent injunction halting operations at two Wisconsin drug firms from making or distributing its health care products.  The action is against Triad Group Inc. and H & P Industries Inc.  Both of the companies are managed and owned by the same individuals.

The Associated Press reports that federal prosecutors filed this legal injunction.  Once the injunction is granted, the Court will prohibit the company from manufacturing and continuing regular operations until they show their practices meet federal quality standards.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Mia Lamar commented that if you call the phone number listed for H & P, the recording says the companies have “temporarily suspended operations.”

FDA’s associate commissioner for regulatory affairs commented in a release, saying, “This action is necessary to ensure that the companies operate in full compliance with federal quality standards and do not pose a risk to patients.”

H&P initiated five recalls of products since last year in December.  These products have included alcohol-based skin wipes for rashes, sores and infections that have been caused by the products’ contamination.  The products revealed to be a host to bacterial contamination.  H&P has failed to comply with FDA regulations for several years now.

Triad Group initiated a major recall in December last year.  The recall included 18 lots of sterile lubricating jelly as the sterility of the product was called into question.  Approximately one month later, in January of this year, a death of a two year old boy led to the recall of more alcohol pads and swabs once it was discovered that the young boy was infected with bacillus cereus.  This is a type of bacteria can be very harmful to humans., sometimes deadly.

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