Family Files Suit After Toddler Takes Tylenol and Dies

Posted On January 19th, 2012 By CSSFIRM.COM

The family of 2-year-old River Moore is suing Johnson & Johnson for his wrongful death. Daniel and Katy Moore of Ellensburg, Washington say their 2-year-old son died suddenly after they gave him Children’s Tylenol to treat a slight fever.

In July 2010, River had a fever and was administered Very Berry Strawberry flavored Children’s Tylenol. Shortly afterward, he began spitting up blood and was rushed to a hospital. Within hours his liver had failed, and he died the next day. The family’s lawyer, Joseph Messa, says the medicine contained excessive amounts of acetaminophen that damaged the child’s liver, leading to his death.

Massive Children’s Medication Recall

In April 2010, McNeil Consumer Healthcare issued a recall of over 40 over the counter infant and children’s liquid medication, because the medicines did not meet the required quality standardsChildren’s versions of Tylenol, Tylenol Plus, Motrin, Benadryl and Zyrtec were all featured in the recall. McNeil stated that the recall was not due to adverse health reactions to the products, but advised consumers to stop using them.

A number of the medications may have a higher concentration of active ingredient than is specified on the bottle. Additionally, some may contain particles such as metal fragments or may contain inactive ingredients that do not meet internal testing requirements.

The Moores’ lawsuit suggests that the companies knew of problems with the children’s medications but engaged in a “stealth recall” to prevent the public from becoming aware of the potential dangers. The lawsuit alleges that Johnson & Johnson bought the drugs from stores on the sly without issuing a recall, keeping the general public in the dark. It remains to be seen how many children have suffered due to this irresponsible behavior.

Messa stated that in addition to wanting justice for their child’s death, the Moore family decided to file the lawsuit to raise awareness about the potential serious risks of the children’s medications produced by Johnson & Johnson and McNeil.

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