Driver’s Distraction Leads to Major Car Accident

Posted On July 5th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

A major car crash sent a truck flying into a half-dozen cars, killing one woman.  This fatal accident occurred June 21, 2011 at one of Gwinett County’s busiest intersections.

According to Channel 2 WSBTV News, the lady who was killed ran a red light at the intersection of Sugarloaf Parkway and Old Peachtree Road.  When she ran the red light, an oncoming vehicle hit her truck, and she flipped over and struck four other cars that were sitting on the opposite side of the street.

Tim Wise told the news that he believed this lady’s truck flipped over his car.  He said, “I just put my head down, said a quick prayer and was OK when I came back up.”  Another driver, Georg Bedi, told Channel 2 that he was changing the radio station in his car when he then looked up and saw the truck come at him.  He said, “The next minute I saw this black truck flying.  [The truck] landed on top of that gray Toyota.  If I would have been a little up, this big truck would have landed on the roof of my truck.  I could have been somewhere dead or whatever.”

Two other people who were involved in this fatal crash were treated for minor injuries.  The name of the lady who was killed has not been released by police at this time.  Police did say that this type of accident is unfortunately caused by some type of driver distraction which can be avoided.

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