Cochlear Implant HiRes90k Recalled By Advanced Bionics in 2010

Posted On November 23rd, 2010 By CSSFIRM.COM

On November 23, 2010, Sonova AG, the parent company of Advanced Bionics, issued a voluntary, worldwide recall of all Advanced Bionics HiRes90k cochlear implant devices. The press release was issued in Stafa Switzerland on November 23, 2010 by Sonova AG CEO Dr. Valentin Chapero and CFO Oliver Walker. For a copy of the press release or to learn more information about this recall, please contact attorney M. Brandon Smith at 1-800-641-0098. You can also send Mr. Smith an email to

As reported by the recall press release, there have been at least two instances thus far where a HiRes90k cochlear implant experienced a malfunction requiring explantation. The recipients of these devices experiences, per the company, “severe pain, overly loud sounds and/or shocking sensations, at 8-10 days after initial activation of their device.” The failures required an unnecessary surgery of the cochlear implant recipient.

Advanced Bionics is no stranger to recalls of the HiRes90k. The company recalled all HiRes90k devices in September 2004 after users experienced device failures attributable to high moisture inside the devices. Then, in March 2006, Advanced Bionics issued another recall of their HiRes90k devices, this time recalling all devices with the vendor B / AstroSeal feedthrough. A feedthrough is a critical component in the HiRes90k device, and the FDA sued Advanced Bionics in 2007 for selling adulerated medical devices across the world, which contained AstroSeal feedthroughs. Advanced Bionics settled the lawsuit with the FDA by paying a $1.1 Million dollar fine. Then CEO Jeff Greiner personally paid $75,000 to the FDA.

Our Attorneys are representing persons across the globe who have received Advanced Bionics cochlear implants that have failed. We continue to offer services to clients and will provide a free case evaluation and consultation.

BREAKING NEWS: Based on the November 23, 2010 recall of the HiRes90k, our firm is now accepting free case evaluations and consultations for devices that have failed that are the subject of this recall. If you or a loved one experienced a failure 8-10 days after activation of an Advanced Bionics HiRes90k cochlear implant device, contact us immediately and we will fly to you to meet and discuss your rights. We continue to offer free case evaluations for other failed Advanced Bionics cochlear implants.

Do not let Advanced Bionics pressure you into thinking you should not contact an attorney. With three recalls of this medical device in a 6 year period, you or your loved one have the right to choose whether to seek legal counsel to protect your rights and to seek justice on your behalf.

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