Car Accident Leads to Death of Unborn Baby

Posted On July 5th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

A car accident involving two vehicles hitting each other head on resulted in the tragic death of an unborn baby.  The car crash occurred Wednesday, June 15, according to Channel 12 WRDW News, on Walton Way at the entrance of Augusta State University (“ASU”).

Travis Wyatt, 40 years old, was driving a Checker Cab west on Walton Way when he ran a red light to make an illegal left turn into ASU.  While Wyatt made his illegal turn, his vehicle hit Briana Butler, 21 years old and pregnant, as she was in her vehicle traveling east on Walton Way. The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office claims that Butler also ran the red light.

At the time of this crash, Butler was 31 weeks pregnant.  The Doctors Hospital pronounced Butler’s unborn baby dead.  Charges are pending against both for this car crash.  According to the Sheriff’s Office, Wyatt will be charged with two counts of disregarding a traffic device and Butler will be charged with one count of disregarding a traffic device and driving too fast for conditions.  These charges qualify as misdemeanor traffic citations.

The result is tragic.

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