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A Stunt Gone Wrong and the Devastating Result

Posted On September 26th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

Stunt actors take on dangerous acts when filming Hollywood movies. Sometimes they complete a scene and walk away unscathed, but other times their bodies are battered and bruised. In rare cases, stunt actors sustain serious, life-threatening injuries. Scott McLean is a stuntman who suffered serious head injuries as the result of poor timing. Timing is everything in the world of stunt acting.

“The Hangover Part II” Stunt Tragedy

Scott McLean was actor Ed Helms’ stunt double in “The Hangover Part II,” filmed in Bangkok, Thailand, in 2010. In one of many wild scenes, crazed passenger Stu Price, played by McLean doubling for Helms, sticks his head out of a moving car while trying to pull a monkey back into the car. What fortunately was not portrayed in the film was the accidental high-speed collision between the car McLean was riding in and another stunt vehicle — a collision that sent McLean to a hospital with serious head trauma.

The Horrific Aftereffects 

Because Scott McLean suffered brain damage, he was put into a medically induced coma to treat the swelling and prevent further damage. This type of coma ensures blood flow to the brain by decreasing the swelling that can trap blood and possibly cause permanent damage.

After a few weeks in Bangkok, McLean was sent to Sydney, Australia, for further treatment. His family is hopeful that he will completely recover, but he must relearn how to speak, walk and eat independently. His representative, however, says that McLean suffered permanent brain damage and physical injuries.

McLean Seeks Legal Counsel

McLean alleges that the timing of the stunt was abruptly changed by the stunt coordinator while the scene was in progress. He believes this timing change resulted in the horrific accident. CBS News reports that McLean filed suit in California, although it is not yet clear what types of damages he will be pursuing. So far, the movie’s production company has paid the medical expenses for his treatment.

McLean’s medical bills, however, are the least of his worries at this point. He still experiences seizures and deals with both physical and speech impediments. Healing from brain trauma is extremely difficult, and it will take a great amount of rehabilitation and patience for McLean to learn the basic everyday skills he once possessed.

The McLean family feels betrayed by the production company because the scene in which McLean was injured remained in the film. For those close to McLean, there is nothing funny about “The Hangover Part II.” The movie simply reminds them of the suffering McLean faces every day because of the accident.

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