$6,000,000.00 Worth of Triad Group Products Seized by FDA

Posted On May 4th, 2011 By CSSFIRM.COM

In the ongoing investigation of Triad Group’s alleged negligence in operating production of its products, according to the Chicago Tribune, the FDA has seized more than $6 million worth of products from the Triad Group in Hartland, WI. The products Triad Group distributes are made by H & P Industries.

FDA took a several types of drug products, including nasal sprays, medicated wipes, and antiseptic products. FDA wanted Triad to stop distributing these products. It’s alleged that H & P Industries failed to comply with federal manufacturing regulations. Apparently, H & P Industries voluntarily shut down production several weeks ago after U.S. Marshals arrived to take and seize their products. This all comes after a death of a toddler. Triad is currently being sued by a Texas couple who are blaming the company for the death of their two year old son. Shanoop and Sandra Kothari are claiming that an alcohol wipe made by Triad Group was most likely the source of a bacterial infection. This bacterial infection, they claim, killed their son.

In FDA’s inspection of Triad Group , they found utensils and equipment were not sanitized at appropriate levels and not cleaned.

The producion of all products made by the Triad Group, which is believed to be run by two brothers and sister, have come to a complete shut down.

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