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When companies offer products to the public, they have an obligation to ensure they are not going to harm someone. While many manufacturers uphold that duty, some still allow dangerous products to reach the marketplace. If this happens, consumers’ lives can be at risk.

When you were hurt by a defective product, it is best to discuss your options with an Athens defective products lawyer. You have the right to seek compensation through a civil lawsuit but the entities involved will have unlimited resources and highly skilled legal counsel. Our skilled personal injury attorneys can help you navigate this challenging ordeal.

Types of Product Defects

There are different ways for a product to be defective or unreasonably dangerous. In some cases, a handful of products in a production line are defective due to an issue with manufacturing. In other cases, every unit is defective and need to be recalled because it was poorly designed. An Athens attorney can pursue a lawsuit based on any of the following types of defective products.

Design Defects

Design defects are errors or mistakes that occur during the design process. Because they involve an issue that is inherent in the design, these defects impact every product in the line, even if it was made properly. Design defects can occur due to a lack of proper testing prior to manufacturing.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects occur while the product is being made. It is worth noting that these defects can occur in situations other than during manufacturing in a factory. A manufacturing defect involves any kind of defect or error that occurs between the end of the design phase and the point the product is purchased by the consumer.

Marketing Defects

A key to a successful defective product injury claim in Athens is that the injured party was hurt while using a product as intended. If the instructions that come with these products are unclear, it can be impossible for the consumer to use the product safely. Marketing defects can also involve a lack of safety warnings in the packaging of the product or in its advertising.

Do Product Liability Cases Always Go To Court?

Most people would prefer to resolve their defective products claim without the need for time-consuming lawsuits or the need to testify in court. Most of the time, an Athens defective products attorney can settle these cases without the need for court appearances.

Manufacturers frequently reach settlement agreements in defective products cases. They face a much lower burden of proof at trial compared to negligence cases, which often pushes these companies to settle. However, there is no guarantee that a company will agree their product was defective. There is a chance they might wish to take their chances in front of a jury.

The important thing for an injured party in an Athens product liability case is to have a lawyer who will aggressively pursue a fair outcome. Settlement agreements can be made even after a trial has begun.

Talk To an Athens Defective Products Attorney for Insight

The possible dangers of a defective product range from choking hazards to chemical exposure to exploding appliances. You have an avenue for holding the manufacturer of these items accountable through the legal system.

Work with an Athens defective products lawyer to seek financial justice. We are available for free consultations.

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