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Whether it is prescribed by a doctor or purchased over-the-counter, many people use medications every day. Most of the time, this medicine works as intended without causing unexpected harm. However, there is a chance that a medication or drug you take can have a dangerous side effect that was not anticipated.

When you are harmed in this way, you might be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer. A seasoned personal injury attorney can evaluate how the medication impacted your life and your health before pursuing legal action. The Athens dangerous drug lawyers at Childers, Schlueter and Smith can take the legal burden off you as you recover.

When Are Drugs Considered Dangerous?

Not every bad reaction to medication will result in a viable claim for damages. The reality is that many drugs carry inherent risks, some of which are significant. Side effects can include anything from minor issues like headaches to life-threatening health consequences – even death.

For a drug to be considered dangerous, the potential consequences of taking it must be unknown or unclear to the user. If a person and their medical provider can understand the risks associated with taking medication, and decide those risks are worth it, then the drug manufacturer is not generally responsible.

The problem is that many dangerous drug reactions are unforeseen by the doctors and their patients. This can happen when the pharmaceutical company fails to provide adequate warning of harmful side effects. It can also occur when the manufacturer fails to adequately test the drugs to identify all the possible harmful interactions, or if there was an error in the production of a batch.

If a drug interaction results in a medical injury, the patient could be entitled to a monetary award. Holding the pharmaceutical company accountable can be possible with the help of an Athens dangerous drugs attorney.

Understanding Dangerous Drug Lawsuits

Many people believe the only way to pursue legal action against a dangerous drug manufacturer is through a class action lawsuit. These lawsuits are not ideal for everyone, as they offer little control for most plaintiffs. It is important to note that a person injured by a dangerous drug has the right to file a lawsuit on their own with the help of an Athens attorney.

In this type of lawsuit, an injured plaintiff is not required to prove the drug company was negligent. This is important, because drug manufacturers are held to a higher standard compared to most personal injury cases. It could be a daunting task to try and establish exactly where a pharmaceutical company made the mistake that resulted in dangerous medication.

Instead, an experienced attorney needs to meet something known as the strict liability standard. Under this standard, a plaintiff only needs to show that they were injured by dangerous medication created by the drug manufacturer.

When these cases are successful, they can result in different types of financial compensation. A person who is injured by a dangerous drug might be able to collect damages based on their pain and suffering, medical bills, and lost wages, among other things.

Call an Athens Dangerous Drugs Attorney

Holding pharmaceutical companies accountable might sound simple on the surface but there is a lot that goes into these claims. When considering legal action, it is vital you first discuss your options during a free consultation with our legal team. Reach out to an Athens dangerous drugs lawyer to learn if you might be eligible for compensation.

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