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Pradaxa Verdict of $1,250,000 in Favor of Plainitff

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We are happy to report a jury in West Virginia just returned a $250,000 compensatory award to our deserving clients. The same jury awarded $1,000,000 more in punitives to punish Boehringer Ingelheim for their wanton and willful acts in handling its blood thinner Pradaxa. Led by Childers, Schlueter & Smith Firm partner Andy Childers and Neal Moskow of Ury & Moskow, LLC, this marks the first plaintiff verdict in the Country on a Pradaxa claim. Others materially involved in this team effort include Russ Abney, Hunter Linville, and Yvette Ferrer all of Ferrer Poirot & Wansbrough. More details to follow. Congrats team Pradaxa on the great WIN….

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