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Clayton County Pedestrian Killed by Fencing Company’s Negligence

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According to AJC News, a 58 year old woman was walking along Tara Boulevard when she was struck and killed by a piece of metal hanging from a truck Monday morning in Clayton County.

According to Officer Phong Nguyen of the Clayton County police department, the woman, whose name has not been released, was walking in a grassy area when she was struck.  Investigators believe a fencing company’s truck had a poorly secured pipe hanging off, and the metal hit the woman in the back of her head as the truck also traveled southbound, Nguyen said.

Officer Nguyern has said that criminal charges are pending against the driver of the truck.  What makes the case even sadder is the fact that the victim was not walking in the roadway, but rather in an area outside of the main road.

This sad case serves as an unfortunate reminder that pedestrians and motorists alike, must always be attentive when out in the streets and roads.

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