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FDA Shuts Down Triad Group

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Due to a recent death of a two year old, as well as additional findings of unsanitary actions in its plant, the FDA has requested Triad Group to shut down the production of all of their drug products. 

 According to the Journal Sentinel, Triad Group complied with this request and voluntarily shutdown after an inspection of their plant by FDA. 

 Triad is currently being sued by a Texas couple who are blaming the company for the death of their two year old son.  Shanoop and Sandra Kothari are claiming that an alcohol wipe made by Triad Group was most likely the source of a bacterial infection.  This bacterial infection, they claim, killed their son, Harry.

 Shortly after his death, FDA posted a notice that Triad issued an urgent recall of all lots of its swabs and wipes.  The reason for the recall was because the products might have been contaminated with bacteria called Bacillus cereus.

 This type of bacteria can lead to life-threatening infections.  People most at risk for these life-threatening infections are those surgical and immune-suppressed patients.  A number of patients with MS also have suffered which may be linked with the Triad products.

 A Colorado hospital has confirmed through testing that two-thirds of the Triad-made alcohol prep pads were contaminated with Bacillus cereus.

 In FDA’s inspection of Triad Group, they found some utensils and equipment were not sanitized at appropriate levels and not cleaned.

If you have used any Triad product and have suffered an injury, it may be related to said Triad product.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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