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Newton County Detention Officer On Motorcycle Hit By Drunk Driver=Christopher Black

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Several months ago, an off-duty Newton County Jail detention officer was injured when he was on his motorcycle.  According to Covnews, he was hit by an alleged drunk driver.

 Officers from the Covington Police Department responded to a traffic crash on U.S. Highway 278 and found a man lying on the road and a motorcycle on the right side of the road along with debris scattered. 

 There were witnesses to this case.  The officers were told that the motorcycle was eastbound in the right lane and a green Dodge Stealth was going west when the driver turned left onto U.S. 278 while the light was green for both vehicles. 

 The driver of the Dodge failed to yield and when he turned, he struck the side of the motorcycle.  The driver of the motorcycle lost control and struck the ground, skidding off the road.  The Dodge then continued to go south on Mill Street. 

 51 year old Christopher Black was driving the Dodge.  He was arrested by officers later that same night.  There was a bottle of vodka found in the glove compartment box of the car, partially consumed.  Black submitted to a breath test and the results were .280.  This is well over the legal limit of .08 in Georgia.

 Currently, Black is facing the charges of DUI, open container, failure to yield turning left and failure to change the address on license.

This tragic situation reminds us of some of the things we should try to remeber when someone is involved in a car or motorcycle accident. Some safety tips and recommendations have been discussed here as well as the impacts of those DUI drivers that still see fit to endanger lives on the roadways.

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One thought on “Newton County Detention Officer On Motorcycle Hit By Drunk Driver=Christopher Black

  1. I am that officer I have not worked since the accident and will have to have more surgery in the future. Have already had 5 surgeries. While Mr. Black still drives around drawing a disability check. Of which I have been turned down to receive on first try.

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