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Car Accident Statistics

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Car Accident Statistics
More cars enter US roadways every year and the state of Georgia is no different. As one would expect, the increase in number of cars has resulted in more accidents. Except for the 2005-2006 crash data statistics, accidents have risen steadily in Georgia since 2000. Unfortunately, the rate of fatalities in those accidents is rising disproportionately. Car design and driver education still has a long way to go in controlling excessive speed and aggressive driving, behaviors that are more likely to result in fatalities.

Recent Declines
In Georgia alone, there are more than 300,000 crashes a year. From 2000 to 2005, the number of crashes rose steadily until showing a slight decline in 2006.  More than 1,700 crashes in 2006 were fatal. This is in keeping with the national average of .06 percent of crashes resulting in at least one fatality.

Overall Increases
In Georgia, the number of injuries has stayed in step with rises and decreases in crashes from 2005 to 2006, but fatalities are on the rise by comparison. The percentage of those in car accidents fell about 1% while the number of fatalities fell by only 1/100 percent. Over all, since 2000, injuries have increased by more than 2 percent and fatalities by almost 10 percent. The number of total crashes is up by 10 percent as well, showing that of those hurt in car crashes, more are dying than ever before.

Common Causes of Roadway Fatalities
Studies by the Georgia DOT show the same roadway problems repeatedly resulting in fatal car crashes. They occur in rural areas on two-way roads with no separation. Drivers commonly lose control when negotiating a turn, often driving too quickly for conditions. The driver invariably over corrects and collides with an oncoming vehicle. Factors contributing to accidents nationally include inexperienced drivers age 24 and under, reckless driving, speeding and drunken driving.

Driver Negligence
The US DOT reports that of all roadway fatalities in 2008, a shocking 93% were caused by the negligence of a driver. In many of these fatal crashes, the deceased is a family breadwinner, or a young adult whose potential is destroyed in an instant.

When a loved one is killed in a car crash, the entire family suffers an enormous loss. Not only must they grieve the loved one, but they must also find a way to make ends meet without the financial resources of the deceased.

Some believe that the family has a duty to seek punitive damages against drunk and reckless drivers to ensure the guilty do not go unpunished. With an overcrowded jail system and insufficient judicial punishments, a financial claim is the only way to ensure justice is served.

If someone you love was seriously injured or killed in a car crash because of another driver’s reckless behavior, we urge you to contact us and discuss your case. We will look at the facts and evidence related to the crash and help you determine if you should file a claim for damages.

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